Who We Are

University of Oregon Research Laboratories

The Institute for Health in the Built Environment was founded by three research laboratories at the University of Oregon; Energy Studies in Buildings LaboratoryBiology and the Built Environment Center, and Baker Lighting Lab.  Their long-standing collaboration between seemingly disparate fields became the model for what the Institute hopes to achieve.  Not only do these research laboratories share workspace, research tools, and personnel; they share ideas and a new way of conceptualizing the solution to a problem.  Formed in the spirit of this collaborative strategy, the Institute for Health in the Built Environment seeks to broaden the network of researchers and practitioners such that issues concerning health, comfort, and sustainability in the human ecosystem are addressed in a way that benefits our work, our community, and our planet.

Founding Leadership at the University of Oregon

Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Director of IHBE, ESBL, and BioBE

Dr. Jessica Green 
Co-Director and Founding Director of BioBE

GZ Brown
Founding Director of ESBL and BioBE, Knight Professor

Dr. Siobhan Rockcastle
Chair of Baker Lighting Lab

Dr. Mark Fretz
IHBE Associate Director of Knowledge Exchange

Rolf Halden Director of Biodesign Institute of Environmental Security






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