Masters students in Architecture 683, taught by ESBL Faculty and Professor Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, have been working with light and lighting concepts. They have investigated various lighting structures, design aspects, and lighting uses, and the results of their projects are beautiful:

Courtesy of Erik Wolowitz

Erik Wolowitz:

“The Kestifos Museum was designed by
B.I.G. (Bjarke Ingles Group).

Kistefos was designed not to be just another bridge to connect two different locations but to be crafted into a sculpture to connect nature and art. It is a minimalistic sleek design with a simple geometry that allows the architecture to bend and manipulate light, allowing the structure to blend into the nature around it. The folding geometry and ability to receive a large amount of light through the framework along with the natural filtration of nature creates Sky Light, Side Light, and a Dark Space. Conceptual representation can be viewed in the diagram and model.”

(Grammar edits made for clarity, Mira Zimmerman)

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