The Institute is excited to introduce Hickok Cole, our newest Consortium Member.

Hickok Cole is a forward-focused design practice firm, connecting bold ideas, diverse expertise, and partners with a vision: to do work that matters. Hickok Cole works on projects from Philadelphia to Richmond but is focused on the Washington Metropolitan area. They are a collaborative, multi-disciplinary firm, with specialties in Commercial Office, Residential, Commercial Interiors, Urban Build-to-Suit, Master Planning, Branding and High-Performance Design. Hickock Cole aims to design for what people need today and in ten years, engaging in proactive market research on demographic, technology and design trends.

 Most recently, they have focused on increasing employee and planetary vitality, designing human-centered wellness spaces, doing urban planning for biodiversity, and designing structures for a circular economy.


 They work extensively with green and energy-saving technology as well as mass timber. They want to build structures that perform well for their occupants as well as the planet.

Currently, Hickok Cole is researching the influence of plants and air filters on indoor air quality, working to reduce sick-building syndrome symptoms, and are designing wellness spaces for a diversity of physical, mental and religious needs. We sat down with Hickok Cole and asked them about their collaborative goals:

“We are very excited to have joined the consortium. As busy architects and designers we rely on partnerships with academia, as well as engineers and constructions trades, to bolster our knowledge base. In order to participate in primary research, we have written multiple grants to support our investigations into flexible models of living for families and seniors in the city, to implementing improvements in indoor air quality.

We often encounter clients who are seeking solutions to improve their spaces with low-cost interventions, if we can offer them a wide range of options, backed by scientific findings, we can all improve the built environment together, both inside and out, for humans and other living species.”


We cannot wait to collaborate further with Hickok Cole and continue to merge our interdisciplinary approaches to healthful, green, and creative design.

Images courtesy of Hickok Cole

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