Living in a world working towards reopening and recovering while revamping protocols due to COVID-19 requires intense collaboration among previously disparate groups. This past week our director, Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, was featured on BBC News in their conversation of reopening businesses and how the virus can spread when a contagious person is indoors. Our BioBE Center has been working hard these past months to research indoor transmission risks and provide educational material about how coronavirus may be transmitted in the very environments where we spend most of our lives: homes, offices, restaurants, etc. The animation created by our team, with major contribution from Gartett Leaver, shows how the virus can move in recirculating air indoors. Dr. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg provides actionable information to make building operations changes to reduce the risk of transmission through humidification, outdoor air exchange, and filtration.

Check out the full video here.

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