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Build Health 2020

The Industry Consortium Annual Research Symposium

Members, collaborators and affiliates of the industry research consortium joined us on May 14-15 for the annual industry research symposium of the Institute for Health in the Built Environment! This event brings together academia, industry, non-profit and government stakeholders across a range of disciplines to develop new design concepts for the realization of healthy and sustainable inhabited space through research and knowledge sharing.


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We do this work by forming unconventional collaborations that conduct research where architecture, biology, medicine, chemistry and engineering intersect and translate it into design practice through a consortium of invested industry partners.  Our understanding of what a “healthy building” constitutes – from its complex microbiome, its chemistry, its provision of light and air, and its energy and carbon footprint – is fragmented, underdeveloped, and too often not reflected in practice. The Institute for Health in the Built Environment pursues an integrated approach to conducting and applying research so that every building provides health to its occupants, communities and planet.